Our Philosophy
The educators at Orchard Hills Pre School work within the nationally recognised Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and provide the children enrolled at this centre with high quality care and education. We are diligent in following all current legislation in regards to the care of the children, staff, parents and visitors to the centre. We have always and will continue to excel in all areas of any quality review process, to ensure that we remain a quality service. Due to diligent supervision skills we will always fulfil our Duty of Care toward all children, staff, parents and visitors to the centre.
We will ensure that the environment of this centre has a warm, friendly, inviting, non-threatening atmosphere that is free from bias in any shape or form. We will employ trained educators that are knowledgeable, supportive, have a sound knowlegde of child development and are able to demonstrate an ability to relate and show empathy with all children. We endeavour to ensure that all staff and educators, both now and in the future, have a genuine interest in all children and families enrolled in the centre, and form their opinions of the individual based on repect and understanding.
We recognise that play for young children is a very important learning tool, and through play we will provide a wide variety of international learning opportunities. We will encourage acceptance, tolerance, self confidence, self worth, and a foundation for future learning within all the children. We are always very appropriate role models and guide each child's behavior in a positive manner. We will include all children in all aspects of the program, regardless of ability.
It is the firm belief of everyone working at this centre that all individuals are created equal, and that all individuals have the right to live their lives according to their family culture, and to practice their beliefs without prejudice or ridicule from some members of the community who choose to be less tolerant of the differences that make everyone special.
We aim to provide a friendly, accepting, informative environment that fosters an attitude of acceptance and open communication. It is hoped that Orchard Hills Pre School encourages all families of all children enrolled here to feel comfortable and welcome.