Photo Gallery
  1. Sand Pit play
    Sand Pit play
  2. Role play
    Role play
  3. Morning Tea
    Morning Tea
  4. Home Corner
    Home Corner
  5. Arts and Crafts
    Arts and Crafts
  6. Play Yard
    Play Yard
  7. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
  8. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
  9. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
  10. Add Your Title Here
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    Add Your Title Here
  1. Sand Pit
    Sand Pit
  2. Vegetable Patch
    Vegetable Patch
  3. Cognitive Skills
    Cognitive Skills
  4. School Readiness Work
    School Readiness Work
  5. Koala Room
    Koala Room
  6. Koala Cot Room
    Koala Cot Room
  7. Home Corner
    Home Corner
  8. Role Play
    Role Play
  9. Play Yard
    Play Yard
  10. Morning Tea
    Morning Tea
  11. Arts and Cratfs
    Arts and Cratfs
  12. Sand Pit play
    Sand Pit play
Incursion Gallery
There are plenty of oportunities throughout the year for the children to experience the incursions that we provide here at Orchard Hills Pre School.
Incursions range in content, and include theatre/storytelling, science, interactive animal experiences, music shows, and also Life Education.
Life Education
This early education program is run by the NSW Government, and is delivered by trained educators. It focuses on hygiene, sun safety, exercise, nutrition and sleep. The presentation includes activities, songs, games and dance, and of course "Harrold the Happy Giraffe".
Music for Little Ones
This is a hands-on music experience, exploring the skills needed for the muso's of tomorrow! Drumming and percussion is embedded with mathematics, listening skills and aural interpretation, and it's lots of fun! This show gets the children moving to classic and origional children's songs, and everyone gets to sing and drum.
Kids Zoo
This is a local business who brings a collection of farm animals to the Pre School for a completely interactive animal experience. This usually includes a lamb, a calf, rabbits, a llama, guinea pigs, ducklings, baby goats and chickens. The children are able to touch, hold and feed these animals, all up close!
Bronwyn Vaughan - Storyteller
Bronwyn Vaughan is a delightful and enthralling children's entertainer, who brings a new and exciting performance each time she visits. She uses extravagant costumes, puppets and props to present her unique style of theatre that thouroughly entertains.
Egg Hatching Programs
For two weeks, the children are able to watch up close, as the duck and/or chicken eggs hatch, and the scrawny wet hatchlings develop into fluffy yellow and playful ducklings. They will get to watch and play with the ducklings, as we then explore how they develop, and introduce the concept of Life Cylces.
Rangers on the Run
"Rangers on the Run" visit our pre school to present different exhibitions such as their 'Under the Sea' or their 'Wild Homes' show. These shows include a wonderful array of live animals and artefacts, that the children are able to touch, feel and hold. These displays are completely interactive and educational, and are a wonderful opportunity for the children to learn more about the world we live in.