Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be toilet trained?
No. Your child does not need to be toilet trained to be enrolled. When the time is right for you and your child we will discuss suitable strategies to encourage an appropriate toileting routine.
Does my child need to be weaned off comforters such as a dummy or cuddle toy?
No, definately not. If your child takes comfort from having a dummy, or bottle/favourite blanket or toy, we stongly advise that you allow them to keep them, at least until they are fully settled into a pre school routine.
What is included in my fees?
Your fees include: Breakfast (if arriving before 8.30am), morning tea, afternoon tea, all drinks throughout the day (drinking water is available at ALL times). Also included is nappies and wipes (where required), all resources, learning programs created by qualified educators, portfolios (given out when the child leaves the centre), sunscreen everyday, and the hightest quality care you can find.
We do not have the facilities to cook meals at this centre, so we do not provide lunch. We find that parents are more than happy to pack their own child's lunch, and provide something that they know their child will enjoy.
Are the teachers qualified?
Yes. All of our Early Childhood Educators are either University or Diploma trained, or are in the process of studying to complete their qualifications. Some of our excellent educators are still quite young (under 25yrs) however most of our educators are more mature, and have had extensive life experiences (and are Mothers themselves) which complements their professional knowledge. All of our staff are caring and nurturing, approachable, and highly competant.
Do you provide a "Pre School" program, or a "School Readiness" program?
Yes. Our Pre School program is centred around the children's development and interests, and planned accordingly. It is linked to the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). Our overall program prepares children for school, however in the last 6 months before a child starts kindergarten, we provide an additional 'school readiness' program. This includes exposure to some pre-reading and pre-writing concepts, and some strategies to extend on concentration abilities, and listening skills.
What if my child has Additional Needs?
No problem. This centre has an 'All inclusive' policy, and all children are welcomed. If your child has additional needs we will liaise with the various therapists that are involved with your family and together we will form an individual educational plan (IEP) to further your child's development.
Do the children have to have a sleep?
No. Only children who need a sleep, or whose parents have requested that they have a sleep (or at least a rest), will have a bed made for them. However, sleeping is on a very individual basis, and will also depend on circumstances. You will always be told if your child has had a sleep during the day.
Is there a behavior management policy?
Yes. We encourage co-operative behavior through: establishing trust between educators and children, being consistent but flexible, having realistic expectations of the children, and re-directing the child to other activities to modify their behavior.
Do you provide educational incursions?
Yes, we provide several educational incursions throughout the year, with themes such as music, science, environmental, theatre and storytelling performances, health and safety, and live animal shows. The incursions are spread over all days of the week to ensure all children have the opportunity to experience as many as possible. However, all children are invited to all of the shows. There is a small charge for most of the incursions, and they are charged separately from the fees.
Do you charge for Public Holidays?
No. We do not charge fees if we are closed for a public holiday on your child's enrolled day.
Do you close at all?
Yes, we are closed for two weeks at the end of the year, usually the last two weeks in December.